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Kristel Holveck

Owner, Trainer, Instructor, CVT

I began riding horses at the age of 11, taking lessons from multiple horseman in various disciplines as well as being very involved in 4H and showing.  While attending college for veterinary medicine, I had the opportunity to work with several more trainers and get my first unstarted horse to train from the ground up.  So began my road to training horses…. 


I have spent time riding hunters, jumpers, dressage, english pleasure, western pleasure, rope horses, team penners, cutters, reiners, gaited horses, and trail horses.  I have learned something new from each and every horse and the love for the horse continues to grow.  I continue to spend time with multiple trainers in many disciplines and each one teaches me something new.


In addition to horse training, I also completed my schooling to become a certified veterinary technician and remain active in a local practice. I continue to pursue education in equine fitness, massage and therapy.


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