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You are truly a gifted horsewoman!  I have never had a more weil behaved horse and I have had horses for 40 years.  Thank you for your time and patience in training my horse and myself.


J.S. Roseburg, OR

I just wanted to say thanks Kristel! You are a truly gifted horseman! When I worked Lea the other day, I had attitude and was able to get her attention and keep it!  It was real helpful watching you work with her and being taught how I can better communicate with her! Thanks a million!!! I'll keep you posted with our



D.B. Sherwood, OR

I wanted to take this time to say "Thank You" for training me and Snickers!  I know that you have given no less than 110% of yourself during our training lesson.  You have shown the patience of a saint.  You have know when to laugh to ease the pain of an attempt gone badly, or be stern with encouragement to try again.  You never have treated me differently because I am handicapped, you just ask questions to make the task simpler.  There are school trained people that don't have your people skills.  I know Snickers and I push the ragged edge of horse and rider farther than most people would care to go, yet whether breaking new ground or going to old school, you have never quit learning and that's what makes trainers into legends! So, someday when you find yourself up against it, remember that

you don't have to have lines to color, to fail is to never try and there is a guy out there riding a horse named Snickers with a smile on his face that a mortician can't get rid of. You are an untitled, world-class, champion horse trainer and Snickers is the living proof.


R.W. Stayton, OR

Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did with Sky.  You went beyond my expectations.  I thank you for riding him outside of the arena and down the road and exposing him to some varying situations, which is what he is exposed to here at home.  He got a great basic education and now I can take him and get "miles" on him trail riding. Also, thanks for being accommodating with my friend coming to see him.  She told me if she had a horse needing some training, she would look you up!  If I ever have another need for horse training, you will be the first I contact.  Even being over in Central Oregon, you were worth the drive


! J.K. Terrebone, OR

I have been looking forward to telling you what an incredible job you have done training Angel.  Since I brought her home she is truly a different horse, but with all her wonderful curiosity and personality intact.  You have taken a rather spoiled horse that was asked to do very little for 15 years and turned her into one of the most responsive trail horses I have had in a long time.   Every time I take Angel out for a ride she gets better and better and I feel a real connection with her and that we are really starting to come together.    She is so willing to try things that are new, and there have been a lot of new things.  One of the most impressive things I have noticed is how responsive to leg pressure she is and this comes in so handy on the trail. Kristel, you have a real talent for training horses and Angel and I am so lucky to have found you.


R.V. Newberg, OR

I just wanted everyone to know how impressed I am with your training techniques. Chance is a new and better horse thanks to you! We will have a long and happy relationship and I'm not afraid of him anymore. I can't thank you enough!! You're awesome!


A.C. Newberg, OR

Just want to thank you for the many tips you gave us. We use your advice every day.  It's much more effective than the way I was doing things and the horses are happier too.  We plan to have your help more in the future. You are really a super horsewoman!


L.Z. Newberg, OR

I started taking lessons from Kristel and having her train my Appoloosa gelding, Patrick.  Kristel did a great job with his training.  She even showed him at some local shows and placed well.  No matter how he performed, she handled every situation well and calmly.  Kristel also gave me lessons on Patrick and my other horses.  I learned a lot from Kristel and she always made it fun and easy to understand. When I got a 3 year old Norwegian Fjord I knew that it was time for him to spend a month or so at Kristel's barn.  She did a terrific job training him and he has become my husband's trail horse.  She did everything I asked in a short amount of time.  I had requested him to be started slow and easy since Fjords mature late and he had a previous leg injury.  It was a perfect fit and he came back to my barn ready for my husband to ride.   Kristel has any easy to understand way of training and makes it a lot of fun to work with the horses.  I have seen her give lessons to children as well as adults and all seem to flourish under her care.  Horses love her and she gets along with and understands each one's different personalities.  When I get another young horse, or need help with some lessons, Kristel will be the first one I call for assistance.


C.H. Scio, OR

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