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Hooves and Hands Equine Education,

Horsemanship can be defined many ways; one who rides horses with exceptional skill, someone who cares for horses, the technique used in riding horses. Running throughout all of these things is one common thread; horses and their connection to people. That connection is horsemanship.     

I believe that when taught with firm but gentle hands the horse not only goes through life more relaxed and open to learning, but the learning over time will become faster and more responsive. Any horse can learn but it is the time given to the horse that makes the difference. 


     Often times I hear people that are less than impressed with the training that has been put on their horse. Comments such as: "I don't know how to ride my horse now that he's home." "My horse is great under saddle but is still spooky." "My trainer can get my horse to do it but I can't." You can have the greatest trainer in the world but if you don't have a partner in your horse then you're missing out on the true beauty of owning a horse. Partnership is what I strive for.


   Throughout the training process I encourage the owner to visit and be involved.  It is important to horse and handler that they see how their horse is progressing and  learn what their horse is learning. I believe that training should be a tool that an owner uses to further the abilities of their horse and themselves. I place an emphasis on safety throughout.  Groundwork is taught so the horse responds in a calm and positive manner. While under saddle the horse learns to pick up on the lightest of cues and learns how to carry itself in a balanced and relaxed way.  


    Overall my goal is to work toward a more calm and sensitive horse and an owner that doesn't see their horse as a chore, but a pleasure to be around! 

Kristel Holveck
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