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Working Student Program

Working Student Program

Hooves and Hands working student program is geared towards riders that are interested in pursuing a career with horses either in stable management, training or teaching.

The working student program is run in a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere, with strong emphasis on basic horsemanship, classical riding, stable management, teamwork, leadership and organizational skills.

Students will learn new skills by gaining practical hands on experience and will learn all aspects of horse care, not to mention gain valuable work experience making them more employable in the equine industry. With horses being shown for sale, youngsters being started under saddle, horses sent for training, and varying levels of lessons taught, students can gain experience in all aspects of the horse business.

Applicants are expected to be competent riders, and to have some experience caring for horses and working in stables. A desire to learn and a willingness to work hard are essential. We are looking for working students who really love horses, farm life, and are very interested in learning, improving their riding and becoming part of the Hooves and Hands Equine Education Team. Students must be hard working and determined with a desire to learn and succeed!

Currently 1 Full time working student position is available beginning September 1. A minimum 3 month commitment required.

Work 3 days per week in exchange you will get;

*Two riding lessons per week

*Opportunity to assist with training and exercising horses for the right candidate

*Opportunity to assist and teach beginner lessons for the right candidate

*Wealth of knowledge for success in the equine industry

Duties will include:

Daily Barn Chores, Clean, Clean Water buckets & Water Troughs, Administer Medication and First Aid Treatment, Help Students Tack Up/Untack, Assist with lessons, Teach Lesson, Riding, Groom & Tack Up Horses, Lunge. Students generally work several horses a day.

Applicants should submit resume to

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